Battery Powered Outdoor Power Equipment

No More Gas!

Outdoor power equipment from Milwaukee, DeWalt, Stihl and Makita are designed with less hassle in mind. Running solely on battery power, there’s no need for gas, oil mixing, or pull starts; providing hours of endless energy to get any job done without needing to recharge. These companies pride themselves in providing outdoor power equipment that operates quietly, has lightweight portability, and has instant-on performance so you receive 100% torque with the touch of a trigger.

Comparison Chart

BRANDPRODUCTMODELITEMWeightSound Pressure LevelBlowing Force
STIHLHandheld BlowerBGA 45AI Series Handheld Blower4.4lbs60 dB(A)9 Newtons
STIHLHandheld BlowerBGA 56AK Series Handheld Blowerw/o Battery 4.6 lbs. w/ AK 20 7.3 lbs.63 dB(A)10 Newtons
STIHLHandheld BlowerBGA 85AP Series Handheld Blowerw/o Battery 7.0 lbs. w/ AP 100 8.8 lbs.64 dB(A)10 Newtons
MilwaukeeHandheld Blower0884-20M18 Compact Blower (tool only)2.6lbs160 MPH
MilwaukeeHandheld Blower2728-20M18 Fuel Blower (tool only)5.7lbs63 dB(A)100 MPH
DeWaltHandheld BlowerDCBL770X1FlexVolt 60V Max Handheld Blower9.8lbs67 dB(A)129 MPH
DeWaltHandheld BlowerDCE100M120V Max* Compact Jobsite Blower Kit2.5lbs135 MPH
DeWaltHandheld BlowerDCBL790B40V Max* Lithium Ion XR Brushless BlowerW/O Battery 7.2lbs67 dB(A)120 MPH
MakitaHandheld BlowerXBU01PM18V X2 (36V) LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Blower8lbs60.6 dB(A)208 MPH
MakitaHandheld BlowerXBU02PM18V X2 (36V) LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Blower9.9lbs60.2 dB(A)120 MPH
MakitaHandheld BlowerDUB182Z18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless BlowerW/O Battery 3.9lbs179 MPH
BRANDPRODUCTMODELITEMWeightStrokes Per MinBlade Length/Cut Capacity
STIHLHedge TrimmerHSA 45AI Series Hedge Trimmer5.1lbs2,50020"
STIHLHedge TrimmerHSA 56Al Series Hedge TrimmerW/O Battery 6.4lbs w/ AK 8.1lbs2,80018"
STIHLHedge TrimmerHSA 66AP Series Hedge Trimmerw/o Battery 6.8 lbs. w/ AP 100 8.6 lbs.3,00020"
MilwaukeeHedge Trimmer2726-20M18 Fuel Hedge Trimmer8.6lbs3,40024"-3/4"
DeWaltHedge TrimmerDCHT820P120V Max Hedge Trimmer7.5lbs2,80022"-3/4"
DeWaltHedge TrimmerDCHT860M140V Max 22" Hedge Trimmer11.9lbs3,10022"-3/4"
MakitaHedge TrimmerXHU02Z18V LXT Hedge Trimmer7.4lbs1,35022"
MakitaHedge TrimmerXHU04Z18V X2 LXT Hedge Trimmer12.2lbs1,80025-1/2"
MilwaukeeString Trimmer2725-20M18 Fuel String Trimmer9.9 lbs14" - 16"Bump Feed
STIHLString TrimmerFSA 45Al Series Fuel String Trimmer5.1lbs9"Polycut Blades
STIHLString TrimmerFSA 56Lightening Battery Series String TrimmerW/O Battery 5.5lbs W/ AK 7.3lbs11"Bump Feed
STIHLString TrimmerFSA 65Curved-Shaft Grass Trimmerw/o Battery 6.0 lbs. w/ AP 100 7.7 lbs.12"
DeWaltString TrimmerDCST970X1Flexvolt 60v Max12lbs15"Bump Feed
DeWaltString TrimmerDCST920B20V Max Brushless String Trimmer7.3lbs13"Bump Feed
DeWaltString TrimmerDCHT860B40V Max Hedge Trimmer9.7lbs22"
MakitaString TrimmerXRU07Z18V X2 LXT String Trimmer9.9lbs13-3/4"Bump Feed
MakitaString TrimmerXRU09Z18V X2 LXT Brushless Cordless String Trimmer9.9lbs13-3/4"Bump Feed
MakitaString TrimmerXRU04M118V LXT String Trimmer8.6lbs11-3/4"Bump Feed
StihlChain SawMSA 120 C-BQBattery-Powered Chainsaww/o Battery 4.8 lbs. w/ AK 8.4 lbs.10-12"
StihlChain SawMSA 160 C-BQLithium-Ion Powered Chainsaww/o Battery 6.8 lbs. w/ AP 100 7.7 lbs.10-12"
StihlChain SawMSA 200 C-BQLithium-Ion Powered Chainsaww/o Battery 7.3 lbs. w/ AP 100 8.19 lbs.10-14"
DeWaltChain SawDCCS670X160V Max Brushless Chainsaw12.2 lbs16"
DeWaltChain SawDCCS690H140V Max Lithium-Ion Brushless Chainsaw13.2 lbs.16"
DeWaltChain SawDCCS690B40V Max Lithium-Ion Brushless Chainsaw9.1 lbs.16"
DeWaltChain SawDCCS690M140V Max Lithium-Ion Brushless Chainsaw12.3 lbs.16"
MakitaChain SawXCU02PTX118V X2 Lithium-Ion Chain Saw Kitw/ Battery 10.1 lbs.12"
MakitaChain SawXCU03Z18V Lithium-Ion Brushless Chain Saww/ Battery 11.5 lbs.14"
MakitaChain SawXCU01Z18V Lithium-Ion Chain Saww/ Battery 5.4 lbs.4-1/2"
MakitaChain SawHCU02C136V Lithium-Ion Chain Saw Kitw/ Battery 10.1 lbs.12"