Benjamin Moore Paint Colors

Benjamin Moore Perspective™ CSP-5
Aura Interior, Matte


Benjamin Moore Paints
Lead Gray 2131-20
Bath & Spa, Matte


Trim: Benjamin Moore
Cloud Cover OC-25
Advance, Pearl


Benjamin Moore
Yarmouth Blue HC-150
Kitchen & Bath, Pearl

Neu’s Paint Center

We understand the struggle of painting and we’re here to help. Here you can find advice, tips and inspirational ideas for all of your painting needs. From prep and applicator advice to tips for interior and exterior spaces, we have the information you need to paint the perfect space. Explore our expert suggestions to ensure your next project runs as smoothly as planned!

Where to Start

Where to Start

Before coming into Neu’s to select your finish type, color, supplies, here are a few items to consider . . .

  1. The measurements of the space you will be painting which can also be calculated with our Paint Calculator.
  2. Is this an inside or outside project?
  3. What type of surface are you finishing?
  4. What sheen of the paint you would like to use (i.e., Glossy, Semi Gloss, Eggshell, Matte) – the higher the sheen, the higher the shine.
  5. Texture of the wall/surface (i.e., Stucco, Orange Peel, Knock Down, Flat)
Color Inspiration

Benjamin Moore Paints

Explore Color

Discover the adventure of color. Create unique paint color palettes for your home. Keep pace with the latest trends and styles in color.

Let us show you how to incorporate Benjamin Moore colors into your life. The only limit is your imagination.

Benjamin Moore how-to video Library

Pratt & Lambert Paints

Pratt&Lambert Color Visualizer

Discover the uncompromising colors of Pratt & Lambert® Paints. Select from their catalog of room and exterior photos, or upload your own to truly bring your vision to life.

Paint Match

Paint Matching Tips

1. Bring a Sample


The most effective way to color match existing paint colors is by bringing in a sample that our spectrometer can precisely match. You can do this by bringing in a color chip off of a less noticeable area on your wall such as above a floor board or under a windowsill.

Use a utility knife to cut a 1 inch square out of your drywall, piercing only through the surface (1/8th of an inch deep is plenty). Then, using the knife lift the corner up and peel the paper back. Once you have your sample, simply bring it into our paint department and we will use our spectrometer to accurately place a match to your existing color.


If you are trying to match an existing stain finish, the most effective way to do so is by bringing in a sample of the existing color and a sample of the wood from the project you will be matching the stain to.  This way, we are able to perfect the match given the variances amongst different lumber.

Remember, this process takes time. We want to serve you the best we can and match your existing color as accurately as possible. Our new customer reference system will will keep record of your purchase, making future visits quick and easy.

Custom Color matching is also available through our expert Staff. If an item does not work in our Spectrometer, in most cases, we can match in manually.

2. Bring Original Paint Can/Color

If you still have the paint can or the color sample card you used for the existing color you are trying to match, bring it in and we will be able to accurately match it to one of the brands we carry.

Tips & Resources

*These calculations are not intended to give more than a rough estimate, many factors can affect precise paint needs. This calculation does not include the ceiling.