Benjamin Moore® Paint Color Trends – White

When it comes to painting the interior of your house, there are so many directions you can go as to color choices, but the one color choice that seems to be forgotten about or underappreciated is the beautiful color, WHITE. Benjamin Moore® has promoted Simply White OC-117 as their color of the year in paint color trends 2016 and they have displayed the different ways you can present this color in your home. White happens to be a very important color that if used correctly, it can transform a room into looking stunning! Whether you want to create a bold statement in a living room and kitchen, or display a calming and warm feeling in a bedroom or bathroom, white is able to do both of those!

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Adding patterns and bold lines within the room will compliment a white tone. Using bold black lines and pops of color will define the space and draw attention to focal points of the room.

Images ©Benjamin Moore Paints


Using warm undertones of white creates a welcoming and softer look. Using color in small amounts helps make a subtle statement, creates shape, and punctuates the white making it more noticeable.

Images ©Benjamin Moore Paints

Selecting Your Color

Here are some of our tips for selecting your colors

  1. Choose something as your color inspiration. This can be a landscape, a piece of furniture or clothing, your favorite piece of art.
  2. Find colors within your inspiration piece (or that compliment it) to use as Wall and Accent colors.
  3. Purchase Sample Paints of your top picks.
  4. Paint large Samples on White Poster Board.
  5. Once Dry, hang your samples in your space, view on different walls and in different light during various times of the day and night, this will help you insure you like the paint in your surrounding with your lighting
  6. Have Fun!