Fall Window Cleaning with Ettore

Giving you the professional window sparkle.

Window cleaning is a challenge, but we all want the look of professionally cleaned windows. So let’s put down the windex and paper towel and let’s use Ettore. Ettore was created by Ettore Steccone, who came to the United States from Italy in 1896, to seek his fortune and chose window cleaning as his profession. It was not long until he hated how heavy the squeegee was so he took problems into his own hands. Now after 80 years Ettore sells hundreds of squeegees giving people a reason to clean windows professionally. Ettore is the #1 choice of window cleaning professionals. Stop into Neu’s Hardware and check out the selection of Ettore.

Here is a video of Professional tips using Ettore to help give you the professional clean window sparkle. (Birds beware!)

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