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Summer is short, don’t spend it hating on your yard equipment or its performance.

It’s time to get some serious tools to make your job faster and easier for this summer and years to come.

Have you been longing to have the best lawn in the neighborhood? That perfect, crisp, freshly cut grass that everyone yearns for? Neu’s supports perfect lawns made easy with Hustler and Honda lawn mowers to meet your lawn care needs.

Lawns can be so much more than something to simply cover the ground surrounding your home.  The lawn is where you first teach your kid to play catch, where you gather with friends & family to play a pickup-game of football, or basque in the sun on that perfect summer day.  Having a well manicured lawn is something to be proud of, and the basis to summer fun with family and friends!

Luckily, it no longer takes long hours of grueling work to achieve the perfectly mowed lawn. Hustler and Honda premium, top quality lawn mowers are the solution to the problem! Whether it’s riding or push operated, Neu’s has the lawn mower for you!

Enjoy your summer and start lov’n your yard equipment… the kind that gets you more golf, fish, lake time!

This post was originally published in June 2015

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