Pratt & Lambert Paint Color Trends 2017

Pratt and Lambert has changed things up a little this year and created four different color palettes to promote their trending colors for 2017. Their Enigma palette presents deep tones of blue, grey, green, and purple, leaving a more bold effect on the walls. The Purpose palette displays Pratt and Lambert’s trending pastels for 2017, with the objective of embracing their traditional hues of brown and celadon. Their goal of creating a new style can be seen in their Convergence palette. These colors range from a very light grey to a dark green and turquoise, and are bound to make a statement in any room. Finally, the Intrinsic palette is filled with nature-inspired colors such as solarette and paradise green, and would be sure to leave a lasting impression with anyone.


This is for the one who finds inspiration within the finest of details. From yellow to pink to red, Enigma palette looks beyond the surface and into the deep, inner most tones.

Images ©Pratt & Lambert Paints


The Purpose palette finds perspective in the simplest hues. From earthy tones of brown to compliments of pale pink and blue, this one is for the visionary.

Images ©Pratt & Lambert Paints


Presenting a modern color scheme, Convergence looks to combine the traditional and nontraditional; the former and what is to come.

Images ©Pratt & Lambert Paints


Out of a longing to connect with nature, the Intrinsic palette is a saturated and lively set of hues to spark the imagination into something wilder than before.

Images ©Pratt & Lambert Paints

Selecting Your Color

Here are some of our tips for selecting your colors

  1. Choose something as your color inspiration. This can be a landscape, a piece of furniture or clothing, your favorite piece of art.
  2. Find colors within your inspiration piece (or that compliment it) to use as Wall and Accent colors.
  3. Purchase Sample Paints of your top picks.
  4. Paint large Samples on White Poster Board.
  5. Once Dry, hang your samples in your space, view on different walls and in different light during various times of the day and night, this will help you insure you like the paint in your surrounding with your lighting
  6. Have Fun!